Saturday, April 22, 2017

Review: The Gospel According to Paul

The Gospel According to Paul (Thomas Nelson, 2017) is an exciting exploration of Paul's version of the Gospel. Written by respected scholar and theologian John MacArthur, this book carefully analyzes some of Paul's most famous passages and interprets them to point to the heart of the Good News. In an age in which many are in need of hearing the Gospel, this book comes at no more opportune time.

MacArthur gives clear answers to questions such as: What is the Gospel? How do we know we have it right? How should we spread it to the world? MacArthur is clear in his argument, biblical in his support, and this book serves as an excellent reference to laypeople and scholars alike. There is also an extensive index and four appendices giving an in-depth discussion to the theology of the atonement. One should be careful, however, to note that MacArthur's theology is not ecumenical; his Calvinist leanings definitely play out in his interpretation of soteriology. Nevertheless, The Gospel According to Paul is a biblically based exegesis and defense of the Gospel, and I highly recommend it to all.